Monday, June 21, 2010


Did you wonder how to find the lowest price on an article that you want to purchase?

The Chair Pro sells at the lowest possible price. Many manufacturers have an established MAP - Minimum Advertised Price. They do allow resellers to under cut that price. The Chair Pro sells at that price.

So relax and browse our site. Find something that interests you either call or email for an exact freight quote. And voila in a few days you can have the product that you are looking for.

Happy shopping!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Communication Boards - Bulletin Boards and Letter Boards

The Chair Pro is constantly adding products that will be useful to many of our customers. We have created a new category which will be selling Bulletin and Letter Boards.

These boards come in many different varieties. There indoor boards and well as outdoor boards. There are open boards and enclosed boards. Depending on the size, these boards may have one, two or three glass doors. Some of our boards are constructed of wood while others are metal. There are those that have headers and those that don't.

These boards are used in a great variety of settings such as schools, offices, hospitals, restaurants and many others.

Browse our site and see all the varieties that we carry. We are constantly adding products.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Why don't you display the shipping costs online?

Calculating the shipping costs for our products is quite complex. There are many factors which must be considered.

  • Does item fit the criteria that it can be shipped UPS or FedEx Ground? The factors that determine this are a combination of weight and dimensions
  • If it is UPS/FedEx'able is that more economical that using a trucker. Typically UPS/FedEx will be the least expensive for small orders. Larger orders will do better by truck. Small orders typically are charged a minimum charge.
  • If it has to be shipped by UPS/FedEx there is typically a chart provided by the warehouse that specifies the cost. The cost is dependent on where the item is warehoused and to where is has to be shipped. Some items are warehoused in more than one location so we must see which site will provide our customer with the best rate. 
  • In the event that the item is to be delivered by truck there are several factors that will determine the cost:
    • The weight
    • The shipping class which is function of the density of the item. For example a stack chair usually is a class 130 which means that it is not compact. Folding tables are compact thus they are usually class 70
    • The distance that it must be shipped
    • Is this a residential or commercial address. Residential addresses incur large surcharges
We at take all factors into account in order to get the best price for you our customer.

Please feel free to emailcall us at 732-961-7411 or fax in to 732-719-9744 to request a freight quote.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Chair Pro is pleased to announce that it has introduced a new line of steel wire mobile carts. These carts are strong, versatile and economic. They may be used in many different setting including offices, schools, stores and many others. The carts come in seven different sizes. The widths are 18" and 24" while the lengths vary from 36" to 72".

These can all be shipped via UPS thus keeping down the freight charges for small orders.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Why are Alu-lite lightweight aluminum tables so expensive?

Southern Aluminum manufactures aluminum tables that are unique. The tables are constructed from airline grade steel. This makes them light and very durable. These are not to be confused with the commonly found aluminum tables. These strong and attractive tables are strong enough to support 4000 lbs. of distributed weight in static load testing. These tables have a lifetime warranty – something that no other table manufacturer gives. You will never have to replace these tables. So that at the end of the day – these are the most economical tables you can buy.

Alu-lite tables come in many shapes and sizes. They come with several finishes for the top. There is a choice of several leg types as well. Southern Aluminum carries an economy line called Mardi Gras. These tables carry only a 15 year warranty while the Alu-Lite have a lifetime guarantee.

Seminar Tables

What are Seminar tables?

Seminar Tables are narrow width tables – typically 18” or 24” wide. They are used, as their name indicates, for seminars or classes. Since all people are facing the front of the room, they will only sit on one side on the table. This allows for a narrower table than the standard 30”. In addition, these tables usually come with special legs that allow somebody to sit close to the end without backing their knee against the leg. These are called seminar legs.

These seminar tables come in wood and plastic. Situations where the tables will be moved around or stored often call for light weight plastic, while for permanent situations will frequently used wooden tables. All these tables whether plastic, wood or aluminum are fold-able.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Folding Chairs

With all the folding chairs out there on the market how do I choose the right one for me?

First of all you need to identify what it is that you are looking for. You will find the basic folding chairs all over. The key is to know if you need a basic chair or something that provides more options. For example Clarin manufactures a line of folding chairs that is far superior to any other chair on the market. These chairs can be customized in a variety of frame colors, as well as many different vinyl, and fabric upholstery. In addition the strength of these chairs has earned them a spot on the floor of many arenas across the county.

In many cases facilities will not opt for the top of the line product due to budgetary restrictions. However with a large variety of folding chairs out there you need to know where you will get you moneys worth. Many chairs look the same and therefore are confused to be of the same quality. You need to make sure that the specifications of the chair are designed for commercial use. A chair that can be purchased at your local store may not be up to the standard. Once these are purchased you may be stuck. Manufacturers such as National Public Seating provide a quality product that can withstand constant use. They also provide excellent service after the sale that will ensure that any issues that may arise with be taken care of to your satisfaction.

Feel free to post any questions and I will try and reply in a timely manor.